<p>David Wilcox is a brilliant song writer, a great singer, and one of the hottest guitar players in the world. He first made his name as a wild, live performer and then as a first-rate recording artist whose work, from \"Out Of The Woods\" (1980) to his brand new release, \"Boy In The Boat\" (2007) stands the test of time.With the release of David\'s new CD, \"Boy In The Boat\" his music has come full circle. It\'s a daring mix of diverse roots influences coupled with his remarkable style. The result? Something not only original but steeped in the raw funky tradition his fans have come to know and love. Tough but soulful; cool but passionate - the music keeps growing without losing its fiery edge.\"Boy In The Boat\" is a superb new recording from a truly original artist. Check it out!</p>